MG History

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The first MG was created in1932 by Cecil Kimber, the Manager of the Morris Garage (MG) in Oxford, to be followed by a variety of sports, racing and also luxury cars, which enhanced the worldwide reputation of the MG name. After the war MGs were first produced by the Nuffield Group, until it merged with the Austin Motor Company to form the British Motor Corporation (BMC) in 1952. This brought the MG into competition with the Austin Healy within the same Group. Consequently Leonard Lord, Former chief executive of Austin and later of BMC. Preferred to mass produce the Austin Healey 100 and rejected the new MG concept the Syd Eneverhad designed for the 1951 Le Mans.

The variant that was redesigned to become the successor to the MG TD however was blessed with Greater success. This car was now equipped wit the popular BMC type B engine which was more economical in production, in fact this same engine design was purchased by Nissan and used in their 1200 and 120Y, yes, the 120Y had an MG engine! After participating at Le Mans in 1955, this MGA 1500 was exhibited at the Frankfurt IAA motor show in September 1955. The A in the name stood for a new era. The MG design was characterized by sleek elegant lines, in total contrast to its sharp cornered predecessor, which nevertheless had an angular charm. After sales topped 58,000, in August 1959 this model was followed by the MGA 1600, equipped with a 1588cc, 79.5bhp, 4 cylinder engine and disc brakes at the front wheels. 31,501 buyers enthused over the MGA which had a top speed of 160 Km/h and was also available in the attractive closed coupe version with crank operated windows and curved rear windows. In the spring of 1961 the MGA1600 was superseded by the 1600 MkII, which was followed by the MGB at the end of 1962.