The Restoration


Ferrari 330 P4 by Jouef Evolution:   For the best selection of Ferrari models in Perth WA see the new and custom models section.

The Ferrari 330 P4 by Jouef Evolution, was purchased from a deceased estate. The gentleman had been collecting for 20 years and there were many models, around 40 in total, old Bburago’s and a few Polistil 1:16 models. All were in poor condition with a thick layer of dust and the boxes had been stored in a shed, most were water damaged and nearly all had broken clear windows and fittings missing. 
The dust was so thick that you could not see through the windows and I knew the paint was not going to be in great condition but it was an opportunity to test the GMP / Meguiar’s Model care kit. I started by dismantling as much as I easily could and washing the parts with Kitten Go-Wash being careful not to soak or scrub the stickers. I cleaned the inside and small surfaces with a toothbrush and the rest with a normal sponge. I rinsed the parts and left them to dry in the shade for a few minutes finishing it off with a chamois, just like a normal car. 

After washing

I was very temped to use the good old Polyglaze Liquid Cut and Polish on the top surfaces as they were very faded and dull but I thought I would see how good this Meguiar’s stuff was. After reading the instructions on each bottle I started with the number 7 Show Car Glaze applied with a cloth provided with the kit and a cotton bud for the hard to get at places. 

The dried polish was then buffed off with the soft side of the cloth, there was an instant improvement to the brightness and lustre of the paint work. 

The second process is done using the number 26 Hi-Tech Yellow Wax, This must be shaken very well, it had still not mixed very well and when I poured it on the polishing cloth there was just liquid and no wax, so I scooped some yellow wax out from the bottle with a cotton bud. You can almost feel this wax rejuvenating the paint work as it goes on. The friction reduces as it is applied, to the point where the model becomes difficult to hold. After the wax had dried I put on the white gloves that come with the kit and buffed the wax from the paint surfaces using the cloth and cotton buds as required. The paint was now looking better then new. 

Finally I used the number 34 Final Inspection, spraying a fine mist over the entire model, including the tires and perspex. This took a bit of rubbing before the model was dry but the results can be seen in the photos. This Meguiar’s stuff is as good as everyone says it is!

All the Photos of the Ferrari 330 P4 by Jouef Evolution