Oz Legends New 1:18 & 1:24 Scale Australian Legends Featuring Ford, Chryslers, & Holden.

In 1967 when most Australians were driving sedate family sedans and small two-door cars, the Ford GT Falcon took to the streets - a local sedan with muscle under the bonnet. The Holden Monaro GTS and Torana XU1 and the Chrysler Valiant Charger soon followed. They were built in limited editions by mainstream manufacturers who wanted the prestige of winning production car races, especially the annual Bathurst 500 mile race.

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Ford Falcon XY GTHO

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1:24 scale Diecast model by Signature Models in Wild Violet


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Limited edition of 2500 pcs

Certificate of Authenticity

GT Falcons like this one were raced in unmodified showroom condition. (These days Holden and Ford still make 'Bathurst' cars, but for racing they are stripped of sedan car comforts and modified for more speed.) The Phase Three Falcon took the first three places in 1971's Bathurst car race. It was the world's fastest four-door production car for many years. 


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Only 200 were ever made and so, like other muscle cars, they have become highly collectable.
 It boasted 380 bhp, compared to the mere 40 bhp of the Toyota Corolla of the time and the 208 bhp of today's 4-litre Falcon.

With a top speed of over 140 mph (230 km/h) - it can do 400 metres in 14.6 seconds from a standing start thanks to the Cleveland 5.7 litre V8 engines large port high-compression heads, a Holley four-barrel carburettor, full extractor system and close-ratio gearbox.

Cosmetic improvements included front and rear spoilers and a large 'shaker' bonnet scoop. Today, the XY GT Falcon is seen by many Australian car collectors as the definitive "Aussie Muscle Car".


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