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Will Power Chevrolet #12 IndyCar Series 2018 Team Penske

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1:18 scale die-cast model of Will Power's 2018 Indy 500 winning Penske Chevrolet by GreenLight Collectibles


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Australian Will Power won the 102nd Indianapolis 500, the first Australian to ever win the prestigious event. Power was consistent throughout the race and took the lead around the halfway point of the 200-lap race before dropping back to fourth.
Returning to the lead was no easy task, with just 12 laps 4 drivers remained in a fight for the lead.
When the leading drivers had to pit, Power capitalised, making his move with four laps to go. Once back in the lead, he never let it go holding on to win the race! 


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Dallara IR-12 Monocoque Carbon fiber, Kevlar composites Chassis. XTRAC #1011 6 speed gearbox.
Chevy IndyCar V6 2.2-liter V-6, twin-turbocharged, 700HP at 12,000 RPM
will power 2018 indy 500 winner

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1:18 scale diecast model of the Eagle 1973 Indianapolis 500 Winner by Replicarz


Limited Edition of 599 pcs

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Another great release in the 1:18 scale Replicarz Exclusive Indy series, this is the 1973 STP sponsored Eagle as driven to victory at the Indy 500 by Gordon Johncock. Die cast metal body, removable bonnet to show the well detailed Offy engine and all electronics/wiring, authentic cockpit with all controls and glass faced gauges. Top it off with a high luster paint finish and crisp race day decoration. This one will surely fill a void in your Indy collection. Very limited edition of just 599 pieces. 


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At the 1973 Indianapolis 500, Johncock was racing for STP/Patrick Racing. A major accident at the start involving Salt Walther, coupled with two days of rain, postponed the race until late Wednesday afternoon. When the race was held, Johncock's teammate Swede Savage was severely injured in a fiery crash on lap 58. A moment later, Armando Teran, a pit crew member on the same STP/Patrick team, was struck by a fire truck going northbound in the pits, and was fatally injured at the scene. When the race resumed, Johncock who had led the most laps, was leading when rain fell again on the 133rd lap. Nearing 6 p.m. in the evening, the race was red flagged and declared over. After a short and muted victory lane celebration, Johncock went to visit Savage at the hospital. Afterward, the celebratory victory banquet was cancelled. Instead, Johncock and his crew went to a local fast-food joint for hamburgers. About a month later, Savage died from his injuries.

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1:18 scale resin & metal model of the Blue Crown Special 1947 Indianapolis 500 Winner by Replicarz


This is the 1947 Blue Crown Special as driven to vixctory by Mauri Rose. Late in the race, Lou Moore teammates Bill Holland and Mauri Rose were running 1st and 2nd. The pit crew displayed a confusing chalkboard sign with the letters "EZY" to Holland, presumably meaning for him to take the final laps at a reduced pace to safely make it to the finish. Mauri Rose ignored the board, and charged to catch up to Holland. Holland believed he held a lap lead over Rose, and allowed him to catch up. 

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The two drivers waved as Rose passed Holland, with Holland believing it was not more than a congratulatory gesture. In reality, the pass Rose made was for the lead, and he led the final 8 laps to take the controversial victory. The race was marred by a 41st lap crash that claimed the life of Shorty Cantlon. This impressive miniature will fill a void in your Indy collection. Production has been approved



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1:18 scale resin model of the 1928 Miller, Indy 500 Winner, Louis Meyer by Replicarz



In 1:18 scale by Replicarz, this is the 1928 Miller driven to victory at the Indy 500 by Louis Meyer. This was the first Indianapolis 500 presided over by new Speedway president Eddie Rickenbacker. Leon Duray, driving a 1926 Miller Front Drive 5/Miller SC, took the pole with an average speed of 122.391 mph (196.969 km/h) Rookie driver Louis Meyer (though he had appeared as a relief driver in 1927) took the first of what would be three Indy 500 wins in his career. Meyer started 13th in a 1926 Miller 91 2/Miller SC and led for 19 of the 200 laps, winning at an average speed of 99.482 mph (160.101 km/h). He took home $28,250 in prize money. This impressive resin model is sure to fill a void in your Indy 500 collection.

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 Miller engine Miller Miller

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1:18 scale resin cast model of the Mormon Wasp 1911 Indianapolis 500 Winner by Replicarz


Limited Edition of 1200 pcs

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A car consided the most significant Indy 500 winner of all time. Highly detailed and very accurate reproduction of the actual car. The model is produced in resin and has a removable engine cowl to show the fully detailed engine. The car was named 'Wasp' due to its sharp-pointed, wasp-like tail and its yellow-and-black paint scheme. The long pointed tail reduced air drag. 


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The 1911 International 500-Mile Sweepstakes Race was held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Tuesday, May 30, 1911. It was the inaugural running of the Indianapolis 500, which is one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world. Ray Harroun, an engineer with the Marmon Motor Car Company, came out of retirement to drive, and won the inaugural event before re-retiring for good in winner's circle. He used a rear-view mirror, rather than the riding mechanic specified in the rules, created controversy, but was ultimately allowed. Harroun went on to win at an average speed of 74.602 miles per hour (120.060 km/h). His strategy was to run at 75MPH regardless so as to save tires. While others lapped quicker Harroun changed 4 tires rather that 14 as others did. Harroun's historic Firestone-shod yellow #32 Marmon "Wasp," is on display at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum.

Bill Vukovich "The Mad Russian" drove the #4 "Fuel Injection Special" Kurtis  Kraft Roadster to victory in the 1953 & 1954 Indianapolis 500.

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1:18 scale diecast model of the Kurtis  Kraft Roadster 1953 & 1954 Indianapolis 500 Winner by Carousel 1


Limited to 3000 pcs

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Frank Kurtis built his first Indianapolis 500 race car in 1941. His cars won the race in 1950 and 1951. For 1952 he build his first "Roadster" for Bill Vukovich, known as "The Mad Russian" for his high risk driving style. Kurtis' innovation was to offset the the engine 9" from the centreline, so that the drive shaft ran to the left of the driver's seat . This allowed for a lower centre of gravity in the left hand turns,  better aerodynamics and better tyre wear. The car was called a "Roadster" because the driver sat low , with shoulder high bodywork on the left hand side, resembling a street hot rod. Vukovich dominated the 1952 Indy 500 in the Kurtis Kraft 500A Roadster before the steering failed 9 laps from the finish. He went on to win the race in 1953 and 1954 in the very same car. 

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Kurtis continued to refine his designs and in 1955 the series culminated in the cigar shaped KK500C/D. On the KK500C, the offset engine could be mounted vertically or tilted 36 degrees to the right, while a KK500D was a "C" with provision for power steering. Bob Sweikert , in a KK500D, won the Indy 500 in 1955, the year of Vukovick's fatal accident while in the lead. Sweikert;s crew chief, A J Watson improved Kurtis' design to build the Watson Roadster that outran all the Kurtis racers at the 1956 Indy 500. Kurtis' new models were never quite competitive again. 

Front Engine Roadster with fabricated box section rail on the 500A and tube frame chassis on the C/D.    Off-set engine and drivetrain, Meyer Drake "Offy" Engine270 CID / 4.5L / Inline 4 Cylinder / 380HP /  DOHC 16-Valve / Hilborn Fuel Injection. 
2-Speed modified Ford model A Gearbox, Wheelbase 96IN, Weight 1800 LBS.
Top Speed.175 MPH

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1:18 scale resin & metal  model of the Blue Crown Special 1948 Indianapolis 500 Winner by Replicarz


Beautifully crafted in 1:18 scale, this is the 1948 Blue Crown Special as piloted to victory at the Indianapolis 500 by Mauri Rose. This would be Rose's 2nd consecutive win at the brickyard and the 2nd of 3 consecutive wins for the Blue Crown team. This Replicarz Exclusive line model will set new industry standards with it's multi material construction. The body is resin cast, but the opening hood is stamped metal. By removing the real leather hood straps will reveal the fully wired and plumbed engine bay. 

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Highly detailed cock pit with glass faced gauges, accuarete suspension and wire wheels, and authentic race day paint and decoration will make this a stand out in your Indy collection. Very limited edition, pre-order is suggested to secure your copy of this impressive miniature.


Blue Crown Special

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1:18 scale resin & metal  model of the Blue Crown 1949 Indianapolis 500 Winner by Replicarz



Faithfully reproduced in classic 1:18 scale, this is the 1949 Blue Crown Special as driven to victory at the Indianapolis 500 by Bill Holland. This impressive miniature will fill a void in your Indy collection. The model features an opening hood to reveal the fully wired and plumbed engine bay. Accurate drivers cock pit with glass faced gauges, visible drivetrain, pedals and shifter. Beautiful high luster paint and authentic race day graphics complete this very detailed miniature

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Blue Crown Special

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1:18 scale diecast model of the Coyote of  A. J. Foyt 1977 Indianapolis 500 Winner by Replicarz


A.J. Foyt, Jr. had already won the Indianapolis 500 twice when he began building his own Indy cars for 1966. Foyt's team mate George Snider put his Coyote on the front row for the 1966 Indy 500. Foyt scored his third victory at Indy in 1967, in a Coyote of his own construction - a first at Indy. In 1971 Foyt took over the abandoned Ford racing engine program and re-badged the turbo V8 engine as "Foyt". In 1973 he raced a new design car that would remain competitive and win races through 1978.

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 It was an epic record-breaking year at the Brickyard in 1977. Janet Guthrie became the first woman to qualify and race in the 500; Tom Sneva broke the 200 MPH barrier during a race lap and A.J. Foyt became the first driver to win the 500 four times! Starting on the second row at the green flag, Foyt unwaveringly wrangled with Al Unser and Gordon Johncock for top spot throughout the race. On Lap 183 Lady Luck played her hand and Johncock suffered a broken crankshaft, leaving the field wide open for a historic Foyt Victory and setting an unsurpassed record for Indy drives, and a unique achievement as engine and car builder. 

Paxton Turbine

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1:18 scale resin and diecast model of the 1967 Paxton Turbine STP, Indy 500, Parnelli Jones by Replicarz



The STP-Paxton turbine car that produced a heartbreaking near miss at the 1967 Indy 500 is the brainchild of Italian American Andy Granatelli, a racing nut who combined engineering vision with great business acumen. As a chief tester and engineer for Studebaker, Granatelli had always been a speed addict, having set over 400 land speed records.
As an engineering enthusiast, having already brought Ferguson Formula four-wheel drive to Indy, Granatelli was quick to see the unfair advantage of a turbine engine matched with 4WD

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 The STP-Paxton turbine car was developoed with an  4WD system coupled to a reduction gear system supplied by STP’s Paxton division. It was built completely in-house by the Granatelli brothers, keeping it a secret from a competition as long as they could.

This incredible replica produced by Replicarz is scheduled for delivery in the 1st qtr 2016. The model will feature a lift off side panel to show the turbine engine and all wiring, fully detailed cockpit with glass faced gauges, and a beautiful high luster paint finish with accurate race day STP markings. The nose is also removable to show chassis detail.

All Replicarz Exclusive Line Indy models are fully licensed with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Replicarzs took over the Carousel 1 moulds when Carsousel 1 went into receviership. The models are designed in the USA and made in China. They specialise in Indianapolis 500 cars compete with CMC Exclusive Modell and Exoto for the distinction of producing the most highly detailed 1:18 die cast model cars in the world! They make the perfect gift for men of distinction.

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