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CMC Mercedes Benz 

W 165, 1939

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The most glamorous Grand Prix races of the thirties took place in the north African city of Tripoli. Since 1934 this exotic paradise formed the exclusive background of motor races, which were domi­nated by the superiority of Mercedes Benz.
As from 1939 the Grand Prix was limited to 1.5 litre cars. So Daimler Benz faced the enormous challenge of developing a new car in a minimum of time.At a record pace they succeeded in building an entirely new racing car within only 8 month - the 1.5 litre W 165 with a 90 degree V engine and  remarkable power of 254 bhp. With this vehicle Hermann Lang gained a sensational victory, which was the result of an outstanding team performance and one of the most unexpected triumphs in the history of motor sport. The Tripoli race became a legend.


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